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5,000 hand-drawn sneakerheads
made by ali dawood. Bringing
streetwear culture to web3.



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Sneakerheads is 100% allowlist mint, if you made it to the allowlist you can get ready to mint at 2PM EST - 11 AM PT on 18th June.

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Feel the leather. The lace. The rubber. Feel the street. The hot drops.. What was once physical is now digital. The future of streetwear is here - and there's no going back.

Sneakerheads isn't just a brand. It isn't just a collection. Born from the mind of Ali Dawood - we are creating Web 3.0's largest sneaker community. One that gives power to the creators and the community. Starting with 5000 avatars and 40 distinct models, Sneakerheads is a canvas for collaborations, physical and digital, bringing real utility to sneaker culture.

And that starts with community. Community is at the heart of sneaker culture. It's an identity. A movement. A way to express yourself and your creativity. From Ali's art to how we interact with our members: community is key.

We aren't just another avatar project. When you join Sneakerheads, you're joining the urban community of the future.

Utility. Community. Brand.


As every sneakerhead knows when you buy a new pair you are faced with the decision of rocking or stocking? As sneakerheads The Sneaker Heads NFT also had to come with a stocking feature that allows them to be locked and stored without leaving your wallet.

The longer you stock your sneakerheads, the more benefits you accumulate. Over time you will unlock exclusive airdrops, collaborations, and other rewards.


At the heart of the sneaker culture is collecting and securing rare drops and one-of-a-kind collabs. Sneakerheads will deliver this through limited-edition drops for holders in collaboration with artists and brands. Varied rarities pay homage to sneaker collecting culture, with ultra-rare grail drops defining a moment, and secured only by the most dedicated. We don’t just want you to collect and curate, we want you to own pieces of culture.

WEB3 Brand

Sneakerheads is the foundation of something new - not just a global brand, but an ecosystem that takes sneaker culture and expands it into the digital world.

This is the start of what will be a complete Sneakerheads ecosystem, that spans both the digital world and the real world.

Sneakerheads holders will have access to exclusive drops.

Branded merchandise will be a key part of the ecosystem.


We’re a worldwide team that’s come together to bring Ali Dawood’s vision to life - where the creative expression of sneaker and urban culture is grown into a web3 brand. This is just the beginning. We’re sneaker lovers, streetwear enthusiasts, and business operators. But then there’s you, the 280,000 boots on the ground - building a new culture for Web 3.0. This is an environment where sneaker, street, and digital culture combined to create something truly original.



Creator of Sneakerheads: Artist, Architect & B-boy. He spent his nights developing this personal project. After months of work, sneakerheads are now a staple.


Experienced operator with 20+ years of experience in music & brand building, Founder of Emf Media, and 1st snapchat ambassador in Europe.


Sam has a background in sneaker collecting, entrepreneurship and community building. Sam has built and managed Facebook groups like Proxy Talk, Nike Talk, Sup Talk and New Balance Community for over 6 years. He then started the popular sneaker store and marketplace app Proxyeed in London before going full time web3.


What is the mint price?

Mint price will be 0.25 ETH.

What if some winners on the guaranteed mint allowlist do not mint?

We will randomly select more winners from the Premint raffle to win a spot on the “waitlist”. People on the waitlist will be able to mint any supply that might be remaining after the whitelist & raffle has finished.

What are the rewards for Stocking?

The longer you Stock your SneakerHead back in the box, the more rewards you’ll accumulate. We want to reward community members who are stocking. We’ll be announcing specific rewards and reward tiers in the near future. This will vary from limited edition airdrops and physical rewards.

Are sneakerheads safe from trademark infringement?

Guided by legal advice, Ali only created his own sneakerheads designs & patterns. Out of precaution, we had all sneakerheads audited by A Law First Specialized in Sneaker Law. The collection is compliant with trademark and intellectual property laws.

Is there a guaranteed mint allowlist?

Yes, SneakerHeads is 100% Allowlist mint. 90% supply is reserved for our community and partnerships through WL spots and 500 Allowlist spots will be available to public raffle on 3rd June via premint.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?

SneakerHeads will receive 5% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue to hire and grow the team. Execute our vision for collaborations, building the brand and deliver even more value to our community.

What intellectual property rights do SneakerHeads holders receive?

Full details regarding IP coming soon (prior to launch)

Bringing streetwear culture into web3.