When you own a Sneakerheads NFT, you own all personal property rights, which allow you to sell and transfer your NFT. The content associated with your NFT such as brand, artwork, and other intellectual property, is not owned by you, but related rights are licensed to you for as long as you are the lawful owner of your Sneakerheads NFT, under the terms below:

1. You can display, perform, modify, and copy the content associated with your NFT for non-commercial use.

2. You can also do these things for commercial purposes, and for that you will need to obtain a commercial use license. To get the license, you will need to complete a registration form on our website here, and agree to relevant terms & conditions under ‘commercial use license terms’ below.

3. You can create derivative works, as long as you don’t use the Sneakerheads logo or trademarks, for that you will need our written permission.

4. We are builders and intend to build a lot more cool stuff, so if at any point we happen to create something that looks similar to what you created, you can’t stop us from doing that or sue us or seek any damages.

5. You can’t try to get a trademark or copyright on anything you do with your licensed rights.

6. These license rights only apply for as long as you hold the NFT, the rights are not transferable, only by selling the NFT.

7. With great power comes great responsibility. We trust you to use your Sneakerheads NFT responsibly, and if Sneakerheads is ever held liable for any damages because of something you did with your NFT, you will be responsible for the costs we incur as a result of this.

8. These terms only apply to this specific Sneakerheads collection. Any future collectibles may come with variations to these terms. In the case of official collabs with partners, these terms do not apply for the applicable pieces, unless specifically stated by us via a public announcement.

9. What you can’t do under no circumstances:

  • Remove or hide any trademark, copyright or intellectual property notice in Sneakerheads owned content

  • Grant any sublicense of your license rights

  • Use your license rights in a way that violates applicable laws

  • Use your license rights to produce, promote or support any material that is hurtful, hateful, discriminatory, racist, obsene, pornographic, fraudulent, abusivie, harrasing, violent or inapporpriate at the descretion of the Sneakerheads team

  • Use license rights in a way that is not permitted in these terms. In case of doubt, you can always reach out and ask.

10. Sneakerheads may release new content or benefits available to Sneakerheads holders. As always, we will communicate transparently through our public channels, and it is your responsibility as a holder to keep up to date with these communications, and to undertake any steps to claim, collect, apply for any additional benefits or content. Any additional benefits or content may come with variations of these terms, which in that case will be communicated publicly. If physical items are provided as additional benefits, these items would come with new terms and you would not have license rights to the intellectual property right to such items, unless explicitely specified in the relevant terms.

11. Sneakerheads has the right to update the terms of this license from time to time. In case any material changes are made, Sneakerheads will make reasonable attempts to let you know in advance. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms, and your continued use of your Sneakerheads NFT or content, will be deemed your acceptance of any updated terms. 

12. Commercial use license terms: 

You will need to register Here

  • Before using your commercial license, you will need to notify Sneakerheads at [email protected] and describe with appropriate amount of detail in what way you intend to use your NFT for commercial use. 

  • You will need to keep record of the total proceeds generated by the commercial activities you will engage in, and Sneakerheads has the right to request to view these records in order to ensure the commercial activities are compliant with these terms.

  • In case the total proceeds of the commercial activities have generated total proceeds equal to or in excess of $1,000,000 in aggregate over the lifetime of the activities, then Sneakerheads must be notified and will need to approve the commercial license use explicitly in writing, in order for the relevant commercial activities to continue.